We offer premium professional services in our cemeteries.

Acquired by the Group in 2016, Xianganling Cemetery is situated on the land with an area of approximately 47 Mu which is located at Zhecheng County, Henan Province, the PRC, with plan for 18,800 units of cemetery.

Evershine Group offers premium and professional services in cemetery. Our services include the sales of niches and plots, thus offering our expertise in tomb design and construction services, cemetery and columbarium maintenance services.

Evershine Group always pursues perfection in terms of professionalism, trustworthiness, quality of products and services, and facility maintenance, in order to deliver excellence services to our valued customers.

Market Insights

Due to land scarcity and limited land allocation for cemeteries, burial sites in most Chinese cities including Beijing are reporting full. Running a cemetery has emerged as a booming business in the nation. The media has been reporting and citing the high profit margins of Chinese cemetery companies.

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