Evershine Group Holdings Limited has joined the volunteer activity organized by Sheng Kung Hui Holy Carpenter Church Community Centre on 17th November, 2018 (Saturday). The aim of the activity is to serve the underprivileged families in Kowloon City district by providing a platform for neighborhoods to donate items such as furniture, stationery, toys and books for those who are in need. The activity encourages and increases self-help and mutual-help capabilities: to strengthen community support networks for self-sustaining operation, and to increase an individual’s capacity to contribute to the welfare and benefits of the community.





In the activity, our company staff designed and hosted a game booth for parents and younger participants. Through the game, children may receive toys and stationery as prizes.  More than 100 children and their parents enjoyed the game booth exceedingly.






Evershine Group Holdings Limited will continue to devote to an array of charity activities in the community. In order to live up to the responsibility of a good corporate citizen, we will hold of every possible means to contribute to the community and to care about the less fortunate people around.

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